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Hello, I'm Mae.

I am a midwest girl born + raised, but I now call Colorado home. In 2022 I bought my first house, a real fixer-upper built in the 1950s and my boyfriend and I have been staying busy with renovations ever since!

I have ten years of experience behind the camera shooting both film + digital. My first camera was an old Minolta handed down by my grandfather which sparked a desire within me to capture light wherever I could find it.

I believe in the power of memories and photography is a way to relive life's fleeting moments. There's nothing I love more than creating bespoke images for each of my couples.

My editing process is very minimalist and my shooting style leans more documentative— I strive to create authentic imagery that will inspire nostalgia every time you look at your pictures for years to come.

Developing film + feelings.


I am a film girly at heart! It was my first introduction to photography and ever since it has completely enamored me. With film, there is an inherent nostalgic quality.

When you shoot film there's no instant viewing of the image, you must wait to finish the roll and then process and develop it. The images we finally get to view are remnants of the past, a memory that becomes more embellished and will continue to patina over time.

2024 Travel Schedule

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August - Twin Cities, Minnesota
October - Sacramento, CA


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C + K

I mean I truly did not know photos could make me feel so much! they captured so much more than just the image I can feel them. ekkkk I'm just so so happy!!!